Model United Nations, California, 2016 / Students' feedback

At first I have to say that vacation in California was my dream since I was a little child. But now I'm proud of the fact that I can say that it was the best 10 days in my entire life. I cannot say anything else than thank you all the people who participated in preparation of the trip, namely Mrs Levine, who was the best time planner and theme parks advisor, my host mom and dad which gave me the best service and I'm really glad that I could stay in their house, Mr Alan for the best guiding inside Midway and stories during the whole trip about the cities and places, and last but really not least Mrs Rejmisova and Mr Hrncerik as incredibly strong teachers and people which were for me inspiration in happiness and bravery and I hope that it's not the last experience when I'm with these two amazing clever funny people. Thanks for that stunning experience what gave me little hope that in this world words like miracles and good people are not just in dictionaries.

Michal Vančura

My trip to California was probably the most exciting event of this year. I really enjoyed the trip to San Diego - probably the best part of it was a visit of aircraft carrier called Midway. I was really impressed by its size and technology. One of the best moments of my stay in California was the closing ceremony of our MUN conference - I felt incredibly proud and surprised when I got my commendation, I hadn't expected it at all! But what I liked the most was the visit of Universal Studios, especially the Harry Potter and Jurassic Park ride. What a pity we couldn't stay longer! I hope I'll come back to California next year.

Jakub Konáš