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Competition in Creative writing in English / 21 December 2010
Competition for students of GJN in two categories organized by Veronika Tartier, English teacher
Theme for Category One: 'Books are friends that never fail'
Winners: 1. Anna Hlaváčková (3.B), 2. Nataša Handová (1.C), 3. Jan Dubač (1.C)

Theme for Category Two: 'We open the door but enter you must yourself'
Winners: 1. Dominika Vřešťálová (4.B), 2. Kristýna Čermáková (6.D) and Markéta Kačenová (5.A)

1st in Category One : Anna Hlaváčková, 3.B (16)

2nd in Category One : Nataša Handová, 1.C (14)

3rd in Category One : Jan Dupač, 1.C (14)

1st in Category Two : Dominika Vřešťálová, 4.B (17)

2nd in Category Two : Kristýna Čermáková, 6.D (19)

2nd in Category Two : Markéta Kačenová, 5.A (19)