The Pink Ghost
with Mouldy Green Dots

by Matouš Hejl, 1B

The Black Ghost
by David Šupej, 1B

The Blue Ghost
by Martin Světlík 1.B
   Once upon a time under seven worlds, over fourteen oceans, beyond three big light blue mountains there was a Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots. In spite of his age, he was still very handsome. Many little young female ghosts admired him, but one dark cold winter day in this pacific land a terrible thing happened, which changed lives of many ghosts...

   ...No one then knew what had happened, no one then knew that they had to leave their homes and go far away, otherwise they would lose their superstar, they would lose the Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots. No one then believed in the old woman's dream, but her dream really came true! She said, that they had to go far away, or they would lose one thing, but nobody trusted her...

   It was the coldest and the darkest day of this bad winter. All ghosts were having their afternoon rest when a dark shadow flew over their homes. It wasn't a normal shadow, it was Mr. Shadow! He was making a TV show, which was very popular at that time, but part after part, it had fewer viewers. He was in need of something interesting for his viewers. So he decided to visit the superstar Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots and ask him if he wanted to work for him. There were two reasons, why he decided to do that. The first was that the Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots was very famous and the second was that he was an absolutely gorgeous showman too. Simply, the viewers will love him and Mr. Shadow will earn lots of money. He hired two big strong bodyguards to swoop on the Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots. They succeeded in catchig him and nowadays the Pink Ghost with mouldy green dots is appearing on the TV screen several times a month. He will live till he die and we also?

   The Spirits    
                    by Marie Tsivosová, 1B

Once upon a time in one country lived a girl, whose name was Marika. She had long black hair, dark eyes and thick brows. When she was sixteen, she came to a rich lady to work. The lady had a very big house and a lot of gold. She was beautiful but also too proud. Marika worked there for two years until she was eighteen when she died.

   One day in the big house there was a big fire. Marika was in the garden and she was able to run away from the fire, but she was so good that she ran to the house to save the lady. The lady was all right but in the last moment she remembered a big chest full of gold. This chest was so heavy, that Marika told the lady if they did not take the chest, they would be able to run away. But the lady was too mean and she preferred to die in the fire than leaving her gold there. And now we came to the beginning of our story.

   When Marika started to work in the rich lady's house, she made a promise that she would never leave her lady either in good or in bad. This was very important because she had to stay with the lady even in the moment of death. The exception would be only if the lady discharged Marika. Since the lady was evil and Marika was good, they could enter neither the Hell (which was good for Marika) nor the Heaven (which was good for the lady). And so they remained on the Earth among the people like two spirits. The lady was so evil that she did not discharge Marika of her duty. If she had done it, Marika would have gone to the Heaven and the lady to the Hell.

For ten years they were wandering on the Earth, for ten years they saw poverty, hunger, pain and all that harm committed on maids. The lady finally got very sad and she apologized to Marika. Now she realized all her faults and she disgarged Marika. Nevertheless, she did not go to the Hell, on the contrary, she went with Marika to the Heaven, because she became as good as Marika.
     Once upon a time there was a man, who startled everyone, who saw him. People in the neighbourhood were scared of him. And how did he scare them? He came to the people, but actually not to them, only to their dreams. And in their dreams he told them : "I will kill you, my eyes will pierce you and my fingers will poke your eyes out! Have a nice dream, but remember me!"
   People, who lived nearby thought that he was a wizard, but noone was brave enough, and so the only thing they did, was to move to another place and then, after fifty years, noone knew anything about the Black Ghost...

Chapter 1
   I was sitting in the pub, named The Golden Tail, and I was drinking my beer. Next to me was sitting Paul.
"Have you heard?" asked Paul.
"What?" I replied.
"A murder happened yesterday. A young girl, about fifteen years old, has been murdered!" Paul explained to me.
"And what? Do you know, how many people I have ever killed? I don't know myself!"
"But I heard one man saying he had seen her, and he meant, that it, what killed her wasn't from this world! And I too have seen the poster, with an offer, that someone, who as the first one will know what killed her, will get one thousand!"
"It's really interesting, Paul, I must know first, what killed her, and then I will have one thousand! Why are you sitting?! We must go!"

Chapter 2
   We walked through the wood. Paul was afraid. Though I didn't understand why. After three kilometres the wood got thick. Fortunately, I saw an old wooden shack. When I opened the door I got cold, as if some voice told me:
"Don't come in, please, I know, what I'm saying!"
"Have you heard anything?" asked Paul.
"No, I haven't." I answered. But I was wondering what it was? When I came in, I saw a bed, and an old table. On the table there was a book. I walked close to the bed, but it wasn't a normal bed. It was soaked with human blood.
"What is it?" Paul asked frightened.
"I don't like this wood and do you know why? Because this wood is wicked. I feel it!"
"It can't be true." I said, but I felt also that near us was something wicked. It got dark and so we decided that we would sleep there.

Chapter 3
   I woke up. It was midnight. And then I saw it. On the table burnt a candle, and somebody in a black coat was looking into a book. Who, rather than what was it? I caught it beetwen my hands. And when the unknown turned I saw its face. But it wasn't a face, it was a skull. I dodged. It would still look at me.
Who are you? ? it asked me.
"I'm Peter. And who are you?"
"I'm the Black Ghost, and I must kill you, because you have seen me. And nobody can know my secret."
"And when I'm now a dead man, can you tell me who killed the young girl?"
"It was me, because she came here, and she paid with her life too!"
"Too?" "Too, as you!" said the Black Ghost, and he pulled out a long dagger. I had only one chance to escape, but I had to leave Paul. Only one second saved my life, as I was standing near the door. I opened quickly the door and I ran through the wood. Behind me I heard the cruel cackle. But I had to run, run to safety.

Chapter 4
   I ran to the village. Someone saw me and asked: "Where are you running from?"
"I'm running from the wood, I have seen the Black Ghost!"
"And where is your friend?"
"I think that the Black Ghost killed him!" I started crying.
"But the Black Ghost is a fifty years old superstition."
"Believe me, I have seen him, it isn't any superstition."
"I must call the other men, and we will go to the wood."
"Please, don't go there. One man dead there and a hundred more! It is useless death for so many people."
But my demand was in vain. A hundred men went to the wood. I was waiting for them. After two hours eight men came back. And noone knew, what happened there. In this flaming wood I lost my best friend. Please don't try to go to that wood, otherwise you won't come back alive.
   Once upon a time there was a Blue Ghost. This ghost was very sad. Do you want to know why he was sad?
...Sit still! Lean back and listen to my story!

It was said to me that in the north of the land - I don't remember the name of the region, but we should call it perhaps... Disneyland! Yes that's the right name for the land with horrifying stories full of fear and violence.
   Oh, where did we stop? Ah, the land... so in the north of the Disneyland, there was a castle, named simply Castle. And in this Castle the Blue Ghost resided. The ghost looked (and I am serious about this) so fearful, that even a dwarf of stone staying on a flowerbed in the garden was scared of it.

   The Blue Ghost... he wasn't named like this by chance - there was almost nothing blue about it. The dark green face sharply contrasted with the same colour of its hair. A pink shirt with crossed out lettering "Ghostbusters" fluttered on its ghost body. Its head was covered with Christmas decoration. Only bootlaces were almost blue.
   Oh, I hope that I didn't frighten you too much. Only one look at it and you could be dead at the moment!
   So this was the Blue Ghost and it was very sad. Do you know why?
...Oh, why are you so angry?! No, no! Don't throw the -

The End

    My Dream             
  by Tomáš Kulda, 2C

   Last night, I dreamt about a Pink Ghost! It was very funny, because it tried to frighten me. It was a small ghost who did not ever frighten anybody. I think it was a "ghost child" who spent all its life trying to be scary. In my dream, I was alone in a haunted house ("haunted" because there was this small ghost) and I was exploring it. Suddenly, when I opened the wardrobe, it flew out. At first, I was startled, but after a moment I started to laugh. It was so funny. Then I woke up.