JAMES BENNETT LIBRARY                  

Author Title
1 Ackroyd Peter Chatterton
2 Adams Richard The Plague Dogs
3 Ames Delano Murder, Maestro, please
4 Amory Cleveland Man Kind?
5 Andersen Hans Christian Fairy Tales
6 Andrews Robert England
7 Andrews Russel Icarus
8 Archer Jeffrey Twelve Red Herrings
9 Archer Jeffrey A Twist in the Tale
10 Archer Jeffrey A Quiver Full of Arrows
11 Aristophanes Lysistrata
12 Arnold Mathew Chambers
13 Artois Rene Allo 'Allo!
14 Atherton Nancy Aunt Dimity's Good Deed
15 Atwood Margaret The Blind Assassin
16 Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice 2
17 Austen Jane Pride and Prejudice 1
18 Baillie Kate France
19 Ballard J.G. Empire and the Sun
20 Barrett Andrea The Middle Kingdom
21 Baxter Glen The Impending Gleam
22 Baxter Glen The Impending Gleam
23 Becket Samuel Krapp's Last Tape
24 Behan Brendan An Irish Sketchbook
25 Behan Brendan B.Brehan's Island / an Irish sketch-book
26 Benson E.F. Lucia Victrix
27 Benson E.F. Mapp and Lucia
28 Benson E.F. Lucia's Progress
29 Berkoff Steven I Am Hamlet
30 Betjeman John English Cities and Small Towns
31 Blatty William Peter The Exorcist
32 Blocker Joel Israeli Stories
33 Blocker Joel Israeli Stories
34 Bloch Arthur Murphy's Law
35 Borges Jorge Louis Doctor Brodie's Report
36 Boucher Anthony Great American Sdetective Stories
37 Bourgess Anthony A Dead Man in Deptford
38 Bradbury Ray The Haloween Tree
39 Bradfield Scott The History of Luminous Motion
40 Bredsdorff Elias Hans Christian Andersen
41 Bronte Charlotte Shirley
42 Brooke Jocelyn The Orchid Trilogy
43 Brown Danah Da Vinci Code
44 Brown Michael David Under Heat
45 Buchan John The House of the Winds
46 Bulgakov Mikhail The Master and Margarita
47 Bulgakov Mikhail The Master and Margarita
48 Burgess Anthony A Dead Man in Dept
49 Burke John Dad's Army
50 Butler Eamonn IQ Puzzles
51 Butler Samuel The way of All Flesh
52 Cade Steven Slade's Marauder
53 Calvino Italo If on a Winter's Night a Traveller
54 Camus Albert The Ranger
55 Canning Victor Mr. Finchley Discovers His England
56 Carey Peter Bliss
57 Carey Peter Illywhacker
58 Castanela Carlos The Teachings of Don Juan
59 Cather Willa O Pioneers!
60 Clancy Tom Breaking Point
61 Clansy Tom Without Remorse
62 Clark Mary Higgins Pretend You don't See Her
63 Clarke Arthur C. Tales of Ten Worlds
64 Cleese John The Complete Fawlty Towers
65 Colegate Isabel The Shooting Party
66 Colette Eartly Paradise
67 Collins Wilie The Woman in White
68 Collins Wilie The Moonstone
69 Conklin Groff Seven Trips Through Time and Space
70 Conrad Joseph Under Western Eyes
71 Conrad Joseph The Secret Agent
72 Conrad Joseph Lord Jim
73 Conrad Joseph The Secret Agent
74 Cook William Ha Bloody Ha
75 Cookson Catherine The Bondage of Love
76 Cookson Catherine The Cblack Candle
77 Cookson Catherine Hamilton / Goodbye Hamilton / Harold
78 Cookson Catherine Three Novels in One Volume
79 Coren Michael Gilbert the Man who was G.K.Chesterton
80 Crane Milton Great American Stories
81 Crichton Michael David State of Fear
82 Crichton Michael David State of Fear
83 Cronin A.J. The Citadel
84 Crouchy Quiller A.T. The Delectable Duchy
85 Dahl Roald Fantastic Mr. Fox
86 Dahl Roald The Magic Finger
87 Dahl Roald Over to You
88 Daraul Arkon A History of Secret Societies
89 de la Roche Mazo Finch's Fortune
90 De Maupassant Guy Selected Short Stories
91 De Teran Lisa St Aubin The Slow Train to Milan
92 Deepening Warwick Sorrell and Son
93 Deighton Len Berlin Game
94 Delany Samuel R. Dhalgren
95 Delderfield R.F. Seven Men of Gasogny
96 Delderfield R.F. Theirs was the Kingdom
97 Delderfield R.F. A Horseman Riding By
98 Delderfield R.F. Three Scores and Ten
99 Delderfield R.F. Give Us This Day
100 Delderfield R.F. Diana
101 Denniston Denise TM Book
102 Dent Bob Hungary
103 Dickens Charles David Copperfield
104 Dickens Charles Bleak House
105 Dickens Charles Christmas Books
106 Dinesen Isak Winter's Tales
107 Dinesen Isak Seven Gothic Tales
108 Dinesen Isak Anecdotes of Destiny
109 Donaldson Stephen Lord Foul's Bane
110 Dostoyevsky Fyodor Crime and Punishment
111 Dostoyevsky Fyodor Poor Folk and the Gambler
112 Dostoyevsky Fyodor The Brothers Karamazov
113 Doyle Sir Arthur The Man with the Twisted LIp
114 Drabble Margaret The Millstone
115 Drabble Margaret The Garrick Year
116 Du Maurier Daphne My Cousin Rachel
117 Durrell Lawrence The Avignon Quartet
118 Eco Umberto The Name of the Rose
119 Eliot George Middlemarch
120 Eliot George The Mill on the Floss
121 Elton Ben Stark
122 Eysenck H.J. Know Your Own I.Q.
123 Fenelon Fania Playing for Time
124 Finkbeiner Peter America
125 Foulsham W. The New Guide to Palmistry
126 Foulsham W. The New Guide to Palmistry
127 Fraser Antonia Cromwell, Our Chief of Men
128 Fraser Caro An Immoral Code
129 Freeman Criswell The Teacher's Book of Wisdom
130 Fyfield Frances Shadows on the Mirror
131 Fynn Mister God, This Is Anna
132 Gallico Paul The Goose
133 Gardner John Licence Renewed
134 Garner James Finn Once Upon a More Enlightened Time
135 Garner James Finn Politically Correct Holiday Stories
136 Garner William Peter Ditto Brother Rat!
137 Gide André Fruits of the Earth
138 Gogol Nikolai The Diary of Madman
139 Goodrich Norma Lore Medieval Myths
140 Gottesman The Norton Anthology of American Literature
141 Graham Kenneth The Wind in the Willows
142 Graham Robin Lee Dove
143 Gray Alastair Ten Tales Tall & True
144 Gray Alastair Poor Things
145 Gray Martin For Those I Loved
146 Green Toby Saddled with Darwin
147 Greene Graham The Human Factor
148 Greene Graham The Human Factor
149 Grisham John The Firm
150 Grisham John The Rain Maker
151 Grisham John A Painted House
152 Gunn Thom The Man with Night Sweats / Poems
153 Haggard She 2
154 Haggard She 1
155 Haley Alex Roots
156 Hamilton Alexander The Federalist Papers
157 Hamilton Ben Brainteasers and Mindbenders
158 Hamlyn The Best Ghost Stories
159 Hancock Freddie Hancock
160 Hansen Joseph Obedience
161 Haran Maeve It Takes Two
162 Hardy Thomas Tess og D'Urbervilles
163 Harrison Payne Thunder of Erebus
164 Harstad Donald Eleven Days
165 Hartley L.P. The Go-Between
166 Hartman Geoffrey H. The Unremarkable Wordsworth
167 Hasek Jaroslav The Good Soldier Svejk
168 Hauser Thomas The Beethoven Conspiracy
169 Hitchcock Alfred Stories not for the Nervous 2
170 Hobana Ion UFO From Behind The Iron Curtain
171 Holt Victoria Menfreya in the Morning
172 Howe Irving Yiddish Stories Old and New
173 Hugo Victor Les Miserables 1
174 Hugo Victor Les Miserables 2
175 Humphreys Rob The Czech and Slovak Republics
176 Chandler Raymond Farewell, My Lovely
177 Charriere Henri Papillon
178 Chekhov A.P. Short Novels and Stories
179 Christie Agatha Postern to Fate
180 Churchward James The Lost Continent of MU
181 Ibsen Henrik The Master Builder and Other Plays
182 Ibsen Henrik The Master Builder and Other Plays
183 Ibsen Henrik Three Plays
184 Ibsen Henrik Four Major Plays 2
185 Innes Hammond Campbell's Kingdom
186 Innes Hammond Campbell's Kingdom
187 James Henry The Turn of the Screw
188 James Henry Selected Stories
189 James P.D. A Mind to Murder
190 Jones Robyn Fiji
191 Káňa Lubomír Anglické rýmy do kapsy
192 Karl Frederick R. The Naked I
193 King Stephen Four Past Midnight
194 Kipling Rudyard Just So Stories
195 Kurth Peter Anastasia
196 Larkin Philip The North Ship / Poems
197 Lawrence D.H. The Rainbow
198 Le Carre John The Little Drummer Girl
199 Le Carre John A Murder of Quality
200 Le Carre John The Tailor Of Panama
201 Le Guin Ursula K. The Dispossessed
202 Le Quin Ursula K. The Lef Hand of Darkness
203 Legman G. The Limerick 2
204 Legman G. The Limerick 1
205 Lerner Alan Jay My Fair Lady
206 Levine Paul To Speak for the Dead
207 Locke Tim Europe 2001
208 Lodge David Nice Work
209 London Jack The Call of the Wild & White Fang
210 Longefellow Evangeline
211 Loos Anita Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
212 Lorca Frederico Garcia Three Tragedies
213 Lorcey Jacques Maria Callas
214 Ludlum Robert The Cry of the Halidon
215 Ludlum Robert The Parsifal Mosaic
216 Ludlum Robert The Bourne Identity
217 Macken Walter Seek the Fair Land
218 MacLean's Alistair Night Watch
219 Machacek Karel A. Escape to England
220 Marlowe Christopher Plays and Poems
221 Marlowe Christopher The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus
222 Marquez Gabriel Garcia Chronicle of a Death Foretold
223 Marquez Gabriel Garcia Strange Pilgrims
224 Marquez Gabriel Garcia In Evil Hour
225 Marquez Gabriel Garcia Of Love and Other Demons
226 Marrou H.I. Education in Antiquity
227 Marschall Edison Great Smith
228 Maser Werner Hetler's Letters and Notes
229 Maugham W.Somerset Ashenden
230 Maugham W.Somerset Mrs. Graddock
231 Maugham W.Somerset Collected Short Stories
232 Maugham W.Somerset The Merry-Go-Round
233 Maugham W.Somerset Christmas Holiday
234 Maugham W.Somerset Cakes and Ale
235 Maugham W.Somerset The Razor's Edge
236 Mawer Simon Mendel's Dwarf
237 Mc Bain Ghosts
238 Mc Bain Ghosts
239 Mikes George How to Be Inimitable
240 Miller Arthur Death of a Salesman
241 Milligan Spike Black Beauty
242 Milne A.A. Winnie-the-Pooh
243 Minghella Anthony ?????????????
244 Moggach Deborah Changing Babies
245 Moore George Esther Waters
246 Moore John Heroics for Beginners
247 Morris William The Well at the World's End I
248 Morris William The Well at the World's End II
249 Morris William The Water of the Wondrous Islands
250 Morrison Toni Beloved
251 Murdoch Iris Under the Net
252 Murdoch Iris A Fairly Honourable Defeat
253 Narayan R.K. The Guide
254 Nunez Sigrid Mitz
255 O'Neill Eugene Long Day's Journey into the Night
256 Ondaatje Michael The English Patient
257 Orwell George Nineteen Eighty-Four
258 Ostrander Sheila Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain
259 Padevět Jiří The Czech Republic
260 Pagnol Marcel The Time of Secrets
261 Palin Michael A Pocketful of Python
262 Parker Peter Ackerley
263 Parsons Tony One for My Baby
264 Pasternak Boris Letters to Georgian Friends
265 Paxman Jeremy The English
266 Penguin Parallel Text German Short Stories
267 Peter Laurence J. The Peter Principle
268 Peters Ellis Flight of a Witch
269 Pinter Harold Complete Works: One
270 Plath Sylvia Ariel / Poems
271 Poe Edgar Allan Tales of Mystery and Imagination
272 Poe Edgar Allan The Fall of the House of Usher
273 Pope Dudlely Ramage's Prize
274 Priestley J.B. An Inspector Calls
275 Priestley J.B. An Inspector Calls
276 Priestley J.B. An Inspector Calls
277 Pritchett V.S. A Cab at the Door / Midnight Oil
278 Pushkin A.S. Dubrovsky
279 Quiller-Couch A.T. The Delectable Duchy
280 Raison Milton M. The Gay Mortican
281 Rand Ayn Anthem
282 Rand Ayn Atlas Shrugged
283 Reilly Mathew Temple
284 Renault Mary The Bull from the Sea
285 Rendell Adam and Eve and Pinch Me
286 Rendell Ruth Going Wrong
287 Rice Ann Interview with the Vampire
288 Richardson Dan Hungary
289 Rosenberg Joel Not Quite Scaramouche
290 Rosenberg Nancy First Offence
291 Roth Philip Goodbye, Columbus
292 Rushdie Salmon Shame
293 Rutherfurd Edward Sarum
294 Sackville/West Vita Heritage
295 Sagan Carl The Cosmic Connection
296 Sayers Dorothy Strong Poison
297 Sciascia Leonardo The Day of the Owl
298 Sciascia Leonardo The Day of the Owl
299 Segal Erich Love Story
300 Sellar W. 1006 And All That
301 Service Robert The Best Of
302 Seth Vikkam An Equal Music
303 Sharpe Tom Riotous Assembly
304 Sheridan The School of Scandal
305 Sherrill Steven The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break
306 Shields Carol The Stone Diaries
307 Simone Vera China in Revolution
308 Simpson Dorothy Puppet for a Corpse
309 Simpson N.F. One Way Pendulum
310 Singer Isaac Bashevis The Séance and Other Stories
311 Skvorecky Josef Dvorak in Love
312 Skvorecky Josef Sins for Father Knox
313 Skvorecky Josef The Cowards
314 Skvorecky Josef Miss Silver's Past
315 Smith Cordwainer The Planet Buyer
316 Sobel Dava Longitude
317 Solzhenitsyn Alexander The Gulag Archipelago
318 Solzhenitsyn Alexander The First Circle
319 Solzhenitsyn Alexander For Good of the Cause
320 Solzhenitsyn Alexander The Love-Girl and the Innocent
321 Spark Debra 20 Under 30
322 Speare Edmund A Pocket Book of Short Stories
323 Spielberg Stephen Encounters of the Other Kind
324 Sprague de Camp L. The Ancient Engineers
325 St Aubin Deterán Lisa The Slow Train to Milan
326 Steinbeck John The Wayward Bus
327 Steinbeck John Travels with Charley
328 Steinbeck John The Short Reign of Pipin
329 Stewart Mary Wildfire at Midnight
330 Stoker Bram Dracula
331 Stout Rex In the Best Families
332 Strindberg August Six Plays
333 Swanson Gloria Swanson on Swanson
334 Symons Julian Detective Stories from the Strand Magazine
335 The Playbory Book Science Fiction and Fantasy
336 Thomas D.M. The White Hotel
337 Thomas D.M. Pictures at an Exhibition
338 Thomas Ross The Mordida Man
339 Trapido Barbara Temples of delight
340 Trollope Anthony Cousin Henry
341 Trollope Joanna The Men and the Girls
342 Trumbo Dalton Johnny Got His Gun
343 Twain Mark The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
344 Twain Mark Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn
345 Umland Erich and Craig Mystery of the Ancients
346 Untermeyer Louis The Pan Book of Limericks
347 Vine Barbara Asta's Book
348 Voltaire Candide
349 Von Hagen Wolfgang V. The Ancint Sun's Kingdoms
350 Von Hagen Wolfgang V. The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas
351 Vonnegut Kurt Timequake
352 Watkins Paul The Forger
353 Waugh Evelyn Brideshead Revisited
354 Weldon Fay The Heart of the Country
355 Welldon Fay The Hearts and Lives of Men
356 Wells H.G. Selected Short Stories
357 Wentworth Patricia Eternity Ring
358 Wentworth Patricia Latter End
359 Weslely Mary A Dubious Legacy
360 Wesley Mary A Sensible Life
361 Wesley Mary The Vacillations of Poppy Carew
362 Whiting Percy H. The 5 Great Rules of Selling
363 Whitley Dennis Library of the Occult
364 Wibberley Leonard The Mouse on the Moon
365 Wilde Oscar The Major Works
366 Wilde Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray
367 Wilde Oscar Lord Arthur Saville's Crime
368 Wilde Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest
369 Wilson Angus Hemlock and After
370 Wilson Angus Anglo-Saxon Attitudes
371 Wilson August Fences
372 Wilson Glenn Improve your IQ
373 Wilson Neil Czech and Slovak Republics
374 Wilson Robert A Small Death in Lisbon
375 Wilson Robert A Small Death in Lisbon
376 Wollheim Donald A. Annual World's Best SF
377 Woodman Richard Ebb Tide
378 Woods Stuart The Run
379 Woolf Virginia To the Lighthouse
380 Wordsworth William The Prelude and the Selected Poems
381 Wordsworth William Poetical Works
382 Wright Peter Spy Catcher
383 Wylie C.R.Jr. 101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic
384 Wynd Oswald The Ginger Tree
385 Zohar Danah Up My Mother's Flagpole