'MATURITA' in ENGLISH – 2015 / 2016 Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, Hellichova 3, Praha 1

Topics Suggested items to deal with
1 Different Lifestyles Cultural differences, globalization, cosmopolitan society, immigration, customs and traditions …, family life  
2 British History to be set by the teacher
3 American History to be set by the teacher
4 English Speaking Countries PRESENTATION of one English speaking country, or region, or city  
5 History of English Language History of English from Anglo-Saxon to Modern English, influence of other languages, differences between British and American English, English as a world language, ...
6 Art and Science PRESENTATION of works of one artist, scientist, inventor, film director or composer  
7 Living in Prague City of history - its character - architecture - tourism – local residents – what foreigners think about Prague – its citizens – place where I live – what I feel about Prague  
8 Different Types of Government Differences between monarchy, republic, totalitarian regime – systems of government in UK/USA/CR - British/American/Czech Constitution - Government/Parliament/Congress - political parties – elections ...
9 Education British/American/Czech schooling outline – further education - education in developing countries - my school - school subjects - my future plans - role of education - …  
10 Classical British Literature to be set by the teacher
11 20th Century British Literature George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four or Animal Farm; or a contemporary book set by the teacher
12 American Literature to be set by the teacher
13 Czech Literature / History to be set by the teacher  
14 Identity and Belonging to be set by the teacher  
15 Controversial Topics Oratory: arguments for & against + summary; Topic areas: education, politics, religion, social taboos<  
16 Health and Sport Healthy living: diet, exercise, role of sport in your life and life in general, sporting events …  
17 The Environment Problems Threats to the environment - nature and man - catastrophes - alternative sources of energy - endangered species - world and national organisations - what I do to protect the environment
18 Media and Advertising Press - TV - radio – the Internet - new technologies - availability of information in various countries – freedom of media and censorship - serious & non-serious styles - sources of information - their truthfulness - do I follow the news regularly?  
19 Job Interview PRESENTATION of Curriculum Vitae (compulsory); mock interview for ONE of the following jobs: translator & interpreter for the EU, manager of summer youth camp, travel agency representative, OR other (agreed)  
20 Human Rights Basic human rights - first written documents on human rights - organisations to ensure human rights in the whole world - different kinds of breaking human rights (in history and now) - …  
21 Taboo Issues  
22 Commonly Debated Contemporary Issues  
23 Leisure and Wellbeing  
24 Student Life  
25 Green Issues  

The oral exam will last 15 minutes.

For the first 8-11 minutes, you must give a presentation:

It must last at least 8 minutes, or you cannot receive a better mark than '4'.

During the remaining time, you have two tasks:

1. You must comment on a piece of material (e.g.quote, picture etc.) that is related to the topic. You will be given this material during your preparation time.

2. You must answer questions from the panel. These questions may be related specifically to your presentation or related to the topic in general.

Authentic materials

You may bring any materials that would enhance your presentation (e.g. maps, pictures etc.) but you must hand them over once you select your topic. You will receive them again at the beginning of your presentation.