There was one man
He lived in a trash can
He was very small
His head was like a ball
And his name was Ban.
          by Adéla Münzbergerová, 2C

There was a guinea pig in Peru,
who was always so depressed and blue.
One day there came a bird of prey
and whisked the quinea pig away.
So all rodents were gone from Peru.
          by Barbora Lyčková, 2C

There was an old dog
which hated cities and smog
But he had to live in a big city
So he said "What a pity!"
One day he suffocated by smog
and this is the destiny of one sad dog

There was Edward Lear,
probably he liked beer.
After the seventh glass,
Ideas started to pass.
This is the rise of the poet's dream.

There was a Mickey Mouse,
he had his own house.
He ate cheese,
Now he rests in peace.
He likes the Devil like Faust.
          by Kristýna Dolejšová, 2C

There was a fisherman in Ostrava
who wished to fish in the Morava
So he looked for it a little bit
But he found no river Morava.

There was a cat from Dublin
which caught a rat rather not slim
The rat was fat
It ate the cat
And the bat sucked its blood
What a sin
          by Alejandra Moralesová, 2C

There was an animal
- a rat - sitting in my flat.
But .. it wasn't a rat - it was a pig!
That animal sitting in my flat...
          by Barbora Bartůňková, 2C

There was a young person whose history
was always considered a mystery
nobody knew where she lived
that's why she never got a gift
that young person with no history
          by Anežka Botlíková, 2C
First of All
Some advice to people
who are planning to visit the Czech Republic

Are you sure? Do you want to go there?
To the beautiful Czech Republic, where
many of pickpockets do their jobs?
Wouldn't it cause a shock? Or even lots?

Restaurants and stores there are cheap,
hotels are waiting for you to sleep...
Don't forget that we have double prices
ten crowns for Honza, fifty for Francis.

Touch nothing between twelve and nine
otherwise you will get a fine.
This was important. And the rest?
Enjoy the stay, do your best.

Don't hesistate to ask for help,
the Czechs will lend you a hand.
They are convinced they know the world
but some don't understand a single word.

          by Anežka Botlíková, 2C