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3. výroční konference PRAMUN / 12. - 16. ledna 2011

Hostující instituce Gymnázium Jana Nerudy

Program, 12. - 16.1. 2011

January 12 / Wednesday

Arrive in Prague and check into hotel
Orea Hotel Pyramida,
Bělohorská 24 Street, Prague 6

18:00  Dinner in hotel

19:30  Registration followed by Director and Chair Meetings

20:00 - 21:30  Youth Forum in Committees

January 13 / Thursday

from 7:00 (every day)  Breakfast Buffet in hotel.

9:00  Travel by tram with our guides to the 1,000-year-old Hradčany Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, perched high above the Vltava River with a panoramic view of the city below. Continue by tram to the legendary Charles Bridge and cross it to explore the historic town center. Admire the wonders of the Astronomical Clock. Hear about the Czech hero Jan Hus, whose memorial dominates the Old Town, and much more of this amazing city.

13:00  Lunch at the Art Nouveau Restaurant in the Metropolitan House

14:30  Free time for strolling and shopping.

18:00  Dinner buffet in Hotel

19:30  Opening Ceremony in hotel congress center.

January 14 / Friday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in hotel.

9.00 - 11:30  Lobbying / Committees is session in hotel conference rooms.

12.30  Lunch at Jan Neruda School.

13.30 - 17:00  Committees in session in Jan Neruda School.

18:00  Dinner in the Strahov Monastery restaurant "Velká Klášterní"

20:00  Folklore Evening in hotel congress center.

January 15 / Saturday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in hotel

9.00 - 9:45  Committee session in Jan Neruda School.

10:00 - 12:30  Plenary session in the Museum of Music (across the street from school).

12:30  Lunch in school

13:30  Walk to nearby Lichtenstein Palace.

14:30  Closing Ceremony in Martinů Hall of the palace.

15:30  Free time.

18:00  Dinner buffet in hotel.

19:30  Disco.

January 16 / Sunday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in hotel

9.00  Load buses and depart for the excursion to the Jewish Quarter. We will visit a historic synagogue and become acquainted with this most integral aspect of Czech history. We will also see sights associated with the life and works of Franz Kafka.

12:30  End of PRAMUN program
(Transfer to the airport as required by your flight times.)

Adresy a dokumenty

Firebird Fine Arts Tour - užitečné informace k modelu na webové stránce Kathie Schmoll

Agora Productions - podpora přátelství, porozumění a mezikulturního dialogu na divadle, ve filmu a v televizi

THSMUN - Tustin High School MUN

THIMUN - The Hague International MUN

PMUN - Pražský studentský summit

The Prague Society for
International Cooperation

Global Panel

Dopis delegátům

Dear Delegates,

Another year has passed and we are pleased to welcome not only those people who are returning, but also new participants to our third international Model United Nations in Prague at Gymnazium Jana Nerudy.

Once again we are glad to organise this extraordinary event that brings students from several countries around the world together to discuss solutions to the issues of one of the most active international organisations. We are now more than happy to see the number of participants steadily growing.

At last, the time has come to test your knowledge and make use of all your preparations.y Over the next couple of days you will be debating the most pressing issues of today’s world. You will encounter seemingly insurmountable impasses, and hopefully you will find workable solutions. In the history of the Czech Republic itself, students and their actions have changed the course of history more than once. Therefore, let the inspiration of those students and the bravery of their actions give you strength to stand up in front of your colleagues and present opinions that may even be controversial.

I hope this year’s conference will build on the successful result of the preceding PRAMUN in negotiations as well as in increasing the number of superior resolutions passed, and in addressing a wide range of issues. Dear colleagues, I wish you many fruitful debates and wish you luck in finding agreements and compromises. It is my pleasure to welcome you for the third time to the PRAMUN conference.

Yvette Sanderová


1.  Rene Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician, said,  “I think, therefore I am.”  Martin Luther, however, maintained,  “I have faith, therefore I am.” In light of the challenges of our technological world and the ever increasing radicalization of religious groups, what roles should thinking and believing play in our lives, in our decision making?

2.  The Russian writer Leo Tolstoy maintained that “the pursuit of happiness” (as stated in the American Declaration of Independence) is a shallow goal

- Agree or disagree.  Either way,  give strong supporting arguments. If you disagree, give your idea of what we should pursue instead of happiness.

- The Youth Forum will be an opportunity for all of the students to voice their opinion.  They can each pick one of the questions (or all three, time permitting) that they would like to address in Committee, before the actual Committee business gets under way.  

- It is intended as an ice breaker for them to get to know one another, as well as a chance for them to express their personal feelings about a topic, as opposed to only the opinion of the country they are representing. They will each be given 2 minutes to address their fellow Committee members.

- After all of the students that have addressed a topic have spoken, the Chair will take an unofficial tally, by a simple show of hands, to determine which way each Committee decided to go.  At the end of the Opening Ceremony, the Secretary General will announce which way all of the Committee's voted.

By Phillip Schmoll


1. Human Rights

- The question of human rights and privacy as it relates to collection of DNA, RFId chips in passports and in Humans, and computer/CCTV surveillance

- Alternative approaches for protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms

2. Disarmament

- Eliminating arms sales to areas of social and political unrest

- Combating international piracy on the high seas

3. Environmental

- Genetically Modified Foods

- The question of water (already more expensive than oil) as the next major international conflict

4. Social, Cultural and Humanitarian

- The promotion of stem-cell research for life saving treatments

- The proliferation of dual legal systems, civil and religious

5. Economic and Financial

- Debt reduction to the poorest nations in the world

- Steps to control speculative, high-risk investments, to prevent them from threatening the world economy

Security Council

- The situation in Afghanistan as it relates to Pakistan and India

- Nuclear Proliferation in Iran

- The crisis in North Korea and pending regime change

Přípravné semináře na PRAMUN s Michalem Urbanem a přípravné debaty s Phillippem Schmollem

11.01.  13.01.  09.09. 

We are going to organize a regular preparatory seminar for PRAMUN 2011 (the Model United Nations conference at GJN, January 2011). The seminar will take place at GJN Hellichova 3, Praha 1 every Tuesday from 16:30 till 17:30 and will be lead by Michal Urban, teacher of English and Social Studies

Students will be practising their public speaking skills, expressing opinion, giving arguments, discussing issues etc. They will also learn the rules of writing a resolution and the rules of the parliamentary debate. The first topics for discussion and debate (the first three or four weeks) will not be very ‘heavy’, just some issues connected with the life of a student, living in the Czech Republic etc. Later, we will proceed to topics that will require some research (social, political, cultural, educational etc. issues). Although it is an MUN seminar, its main focus is not just the UN, writing and debating resolutions. Our primary goal is to develop the ability of critical thinking and discussion and to practise the skill of public speaking. We are also going to invite other Prague schools, both Czech and international, to join our efforts and send their delegation every (or every other) Tuesday to participate in the seminar, swap ideas, practise debating together etc. We hope that Mr Phillipp Schmoll, the American founder of PRAMUN and RAMUN (Ramstein MUN) and experienced MUN director, will be able to come once a month to have his special Saturday seminar for the students of all the participating Prague schools. The first seminar for GJN students will take place on Tuesday 9th February 16:30-17:30, room 110.

Please inform all your students and encourage them, especially those who you believe will be interested, responsible and hard-working MUNers, to sign up. They do not need to have any previous debating or public speaking experience and their level of English does not have to be advanced. Enthusiasm and determination to improve these are more important. The students can sign up for the seminar on the following addresses: renatarejmisova@hotmail.com, lydiacerna@centrum.cz, urban.michal@centrum.cz

Looking forward to your participation! Renata, Lýdia, Michal (Gymnazium Jana Nerudy)

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