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Fotogalerie      11. 01.    /    12. 01.    /   13-14. 01.      PRAMUN PRESS / 2012
4. Výroční konference PRAMUN / 11. - 15. ledna 2012

Hostitelská instituce Gymnázium Jana Nerudy

Program, 11. - 15.1. 2012

January 11 / Wednesday

Arrive in Prague and check into Hotel
Orea Hotel Pyramida,
Bělohorská 24 Street, Prague 6

18:00  Dinner in hotel

19:00  Travel to Jan Neruda School for registration, orientation and youth forum in committees

20:30  Youth Forum in Committees

January 12 / Thursday

from 7:00 (every day)  Breakfast Buffet in hotel

  After breakfast we meet our guides for a visit to the 1,000-year-old Hradcany Castle and St.Vitus Cathedral, perched high above the Vltava River with a panoramic view of the city below. Afterwards we walk across the legendary Charles Bridge to explore the historic center and, of course, admire the wonders of the Astronomical Clock. Hear about the Czech hero Jan Hus, whose memorial dominates the Old Town, and much, much more of this amazing city.

13:00  Lunch at the Art Nouveau Restaurant in the Metropolitan House

14:00  Free time for strolling and shopping.

18:00  Dinner buffet in Hotel

19:00  Opening Ceremony in hotel Congress Center.

January 13 / Friday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in Hotel.

9.00 - 12:00  Lobbying/Committees in session

12.30  Lunch in School

13.30 - 17:00  Committees in session

18:00  Dinner

19:30  An evening of Czech history - The Velvet Revolution of 1989

January 14 / Saturday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in hotel

9.30 - 12:30  Committee session / G.A.

12:30  Lunch in school

13:30  Closing Ceremony

14:30  Return to Hotel Free time for exploration and shopping

18:00  Dinner

19:30  Folklore Evening and Disco

January 15 / Sunday

from 7:00  Breakfast Buffet in hotel

9.00  Load buses and depart for the excursion to the Jewish Quarter. We will also see sights associated with the life and works of Franz Kafka.
If you traveled to Prague via Rail or Air, please contact us to make alternative departure plans for your group

12:30  End of PRAMUN program
(Transfer to the airport as required by your flight times.)

Adresy a dokumenty

Firebird Fine Arts Tour - užitečné informace k modelu na webové stránce Kathie Schmoll

Agora Productions - podpora přátelství, porozumění a mezikulturního dialogu na divadle, ve filmu a v televizi

THSMUN - Tustin High School MUN

THIMUN - The Hague International MUN

PMUN - Pražský studentský summit

The Prague Society for
International Cooperation

Global Panel

Dopis delegátům

Dear Delegates,

A new year is here and I am honestly looking forward to welcoming all of you to the Prague Model United Nations 2012 in about two weeks. As tradition, this years PRAMUN Conference will be hosted by Gymnazium Jana Nerudy.

The organizing team has spent months of preparations and is now ready to do as much as it can to make the fourth conference as successful as the previous ones. But your role is just as important! The participants are those who create the common atmosphere, who keep the conference going and enrich it with their ideas. Whether you are a returning delegate, or this year is going to be your first time participating in a Model United Nations, you all have the same opportunities to enjoy it.

We are expecting delegations from many countries, which gives you all chances to meet interesting people who are curious about today´s world and want to share their opinions on current issues. Seeking solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems is a good training not only for a profession of a politician, but also for life. The time to test your debating skills while using your knowledge of current events has come.

I wish you all many fresh ideas, lively debates inspiring others, great number of resolutions that one should be proud of, and a lot of fun during your five days spent in Prague. The beginning of January is the time when people are making resolutions; United Nations is an organization that uses resolutions as document including the results of their negotiations. Let´s add one New Year´s resolution to ourselves: “I will try to make PRAMUN 2012 as enjoyable as possible for myself and for everyone else.”

Kristýna Čermáková
Secretary General



Having fun looking at ideas from different perspectives!... Having the courage to stand up for ideas which you can support with specific examples based on life experience and observations!

The purpose of the Youth Forum is to understand how other people think. Our THINKING GAME begins with a quote from famous thinkers, writers, scientists, musicians, artists or political leaders. The two quotes to be discussed at PRAMUN 2012 are listed below.

At first we will say YES to the quote, expressing support for the idea by citing detailed examples. Then we will say NO to the quote, rejecting the idea with well-detailed examples. After hearing the stimulatingly brilliant thoughts on both sides of the issue from the delegates, a vote will be taken:


At the beginning of the discussions it is not so important that you express your personal feelings on the quote right away. The critical thing is that your ideas inspire others to think. The Youth Forum is a process and by the end--after having heard ideas from your fellow delegates—you may even change your mind and your vote on the quote.


A. “All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.”
Leo Tolstoy

SUPPORT: Leave out romantic love for the moment. Give examples of how the love for something brings about understanding. Support Tolstoy’s idea that we don’t make enough progress on the human front because we don’t love.

REJECTION: Describe in detail other ideas/factors besides love that promote understanding.

B. “L’homme est ne’ libre, et partout il est dans les fers.” “Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

SUPPORT: For 200 years Rousseau’s slogan has inspired people to rise up against their oppressors, to bring about change by means of revolution. Give examples of how this is relevant today.

REJECTION: Challenge the premise that man is born free. Is he? Give examples of other means besides revolution to rise up and bring about change. Formulate a better slogan that inspires people to act in the struggles they are facing today.

By Phillip Schmoll

Komise a témata

1. Human Rights

- The rebuilding and refinancing of Libya

- Gender equality for women in the work force

2. Economic and Financial

- Creating an International Fund to finance and assist in natural disasters

- Micro financing as an effective tool in Third World countries

3. Environmental

- Plastic Pollution in the Worlds Waters

- The question of water (already more expensive than oil) as the next major international conflict

4. Social, Cultural and Humanitarian

-The Refugee problem in the Mediterranean region, particularly immigrant assimilation into the host country that guarantees mutual respect for both parties

-The Global War on Drugs, its costs (financially and human life) and efficacy, in light of the recent report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy


5. Disarmament

- Monitoring the Rise of the Chinese military, in particular the aggressive expansion of their Navy

- NATO involvement in Afghanistan

Security Council

-The question of Syria

- Nuclear Proliferation in Iran

-The question of Palestinian Statehood

- Piracy on the High Seas; effective ways of mitigating the problem

Přípravná debata na PRAMUN vedená panem Phillippem Schmollem, sobota 1. 10., 12. 11., 10.12. 2011

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