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Gymnázium Jana Nerudy
School of the City of Prague
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School Profile
  • a selective municipal secondary school of academic standard; a 'gymnázium' prepares students for higher education; the name corresponds to the level of grammar school
  • admission to the school is based on students' performance in entrance examination in Czech, mathematics, a psychological test, results from the students' primary school
  • during the first two years of study students undertake their basic education; compulsory school attendance is nine years
  • some foreign language studies are compulsory and others optional
  • the 'gymnázium' follows the National Curriculum
  • every student must comply with the 'gymnázium' Rules of Behaviour
  • the last examination is called 'Maturita' and covers several subjects, both compulsory and optional
  • most graduates continue their studies at various universities in both the Czech Republic and abroad

International programme
'AFS Interculture'
The programme has run in our school since 1995. The students usually stay at our school for a year or a semester. Each year the school hosts from 1 to 5 foreign students within this programme. The AFS students come from Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Thailand, USA, Venezuela and Chile.

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