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Gymnázium Jana Nerudy
School of the City of Prague
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Jan Neruda
The school was given its present name in 1934 to mark the 100th anniversary of the famous Czech poet, novelist, essayist and journalist, Jan Neruda, whose life and work were closely connected with Malá Strana. Jan Neruda -found his greatest inspiration in the streets of the 19th century Prague, whose spirit he evoked in his literature. The realistic stories reflect his enthusiasm for vivid sketches of the life of the Lesser Town inhabitants. The experience of a keen observer of people and everyday things culminated in his bitter-sweet 'Prague Tales'.
Jan Neruda (1834-1891)
Prague Tales
... Miss Schlegel was supposed to be a beauty. Perhaps she was - but only for architect. Everything was in the proper place, the correct proportions; one could see the why and wherefore of it all. Yet for anyone but an architect she was a total disaster. Her face was exquisite, but as immobile as a façade; her eyes sparkled, but for no reason, like ;a pair of newly washed windows; her mouth, though in the shape of a fine arabesque, opened slowly, like a gate, and either remained open or, just as slowly, shut again; and her complexion - well, she always looked freshly whitewashed. Maybe now - if she is still with us - she is not quite so comely, yet has improved in appearance, the way buildings improve with years of weathering. ...
A passage from 'Mr. Ryšánek and Mr. Schlegel'
The ancient school building at Josefská st.
History of the School
Lessons in the first Czech secondary school in Malá Strana began in the private house of a Czech nobleman in 1865. At that time it was the third Czech secondary school within Prague. This school changed its location several times before it got its current home, a new New-Renaissance building, in 1876.

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