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Gymnázium Jana Nerudy
School of the City of Prague
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One-week sports courses
  • Introductory course in the countryside for the first classes
  • Skiing course for the second classes
  • Intensive English language course and skiing for the third classes
  • Sports course for the fourth classes - canoeing, rock climbing or cycling
  • Weekend and holiday sports - canoeing, rock climbing, cycling, windsurfing
Fictive FirmsFictive FirmsFictive FirmsFictive FirmsMusicalsMusicalsMusicalsMusicals
Events as part of the subjects
  • Competitions in Maths in Czech, English and French languages
  • Olympiads in various subjects
  • The Fair of Fictive Firms by the second classes
  • Competitions in mini-musicals by the second classes
  • Cooperation with the Faculty of Biology of Charles University
  • Excursions to power stations, historic sights, the Parliament, etc.
  • Visits of concerts, theatres, museums and galleries

Events on a regular basis
  • Ball games, table tennis and chess tournaments
  • The Basketball Marathon
  • The School Drama Group performances
  • The English theatre performances
  • Christmas concerts on the stairs
  • PRAMUN - Model United Nations
  • Festivals - Nerudný Fest, Malá akademie
  • The Festival of Theatre in French in Brno
GJN drama clubGJN drama clubGJN drama clubGJN drama clubNerudny FestNerudny FestNerudny Fest
PRAMUN 2010PRAMUN 2010PRAMUN 2010PRAMUN 2010J.J. Ryba - Christmas MassJ.J. Ryba - Christmas MassJ.J. Ryba - Christmas MassJ.J. Ryba - Christmas Mass
  • The School Choir concerts
  • Halloween, St. Nicholas, Easter celebrations
  • Weekend trips with sports activities
  • "The Last Bell" of the sixth classes
  • Cooperation with charity organizations
  • The School Ball

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