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"Women and Work"

   School    Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, School of the City of Prague
   School Address    Hellichova 3/457, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
   Coordinating Teacher    Ms. Renáta Rejmíšová
   Project Number    CA1 - 02 - 50
   Coordinating School    Collège A.Giacometti in Paris, France
   School Address    7, rue du Cange, 75 014 Paris, France

   Partner Institutions    Web site    Country    Coordinating teachers    Year
   Collège A.Giacometti        Paris, France    Ms. Evelyne Watelot-Petit    2002-4
   Fritz-Karsen Schule    Berlin, Germany    Ms. Dagmar Odenthal    2002-4
   IES El Castell    Esparreguera, Spain    Mr. Joan Martin Bigas    2002-4
         IES El Castell   


   Students working in small groups have evaluated the situation of working women in the Czech Republic and compared it with that of other countries. They have tried to find out in which spheres it is easiest for women to enter successfully and on the contrary where it is still rather difficult, e.g. politics. The relation between motherhood and career has been inspected as well.
   Prior to this "direct research" the participants studied the history and development of women's education and work. The history of the recognition of the rights of women in different European countries has been a part of this research. Some research has been done in the pupils' own families. Some women having interesting jobs have been asked for interviews. The final product will contain above all development, statistics, evaluation and portraits of some successful women.
Projects of the students at GJN   Working together in Paris

The Comenius Project Meeting at GJN in Prague, December 2002

The Comenius partners' meeting in Prague brought a great encouragement to our 4B class and four students from Berlin, who were chosen to present their project works at the meeting. For many of them the presentation was a real challenge, they had to try hard to overcome stage fright, uncertainty and lack of self-confidence, for most of them it was the first chance to have a longer speech in a foreign language in front of an audience. Nevertheless, most presentations were clear, interesting and well organized. Some students were active and lively in the follow-up discussion too. Their work and ability to present it was appreciated by our guests.