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"Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum"

   School    Gymnázium Jana Nerudy, School of the City of Prague
   School Address    Hellichova 3/457, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
   Coordinating Teacher    Ms. Lýdia Černá
   Project Number    CA1 - SD - 01 - 03
   Coordinating School    Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "Antonio Zanon"
   Address    Piazzale Cavedalis 7, 33100 Udine

   Partner Institutions    Web Site    Country    Coordinating Teachers    Year
   IM "Duca degli Abruzzi"           Treviso, Italy    Ms. Rosalia Di Nisio    2001-4
   ITC  "Antonio Zanon"    Udine, Italy    Ms. Nancy Grilloni    2001-4
   ITC le "Contardo Ferrini"    Verbania, Italy    Ms. Marina Federici    2001-4
   IES Valldemossa    Barcelona, Spain    Ms. Maria Angeles Hernandez    2002-4
   Lessing-Gymnasium        Lampertheim, Germany    Ms. Marion Rink    2001-2

Objectives of the project

When boundaries between countries disappear and more opportunities of visiting other countries occur, people ask a question:"Am I able to communicate in a foreign language?" Participating at international conferences, working abroad, speaking with people without feeling embarrassed or frustrated, call for a good knowledge of languages. Although publishers offer a wide choice of material for language learners, adults can often achieve fluency only with problems, being quite busy at work, having to take care of their children and deal with many other tasks.

Young people are able to learn quickly, however, at school they often have only three classes of foreign languages per week, which is obviously very little. Not everybody can attend a bilingual class or a school specialized in modern languages.
    The main target of our project is to support the use of foreign languages within various subjects at our school. Students look for information they need from different sources, and so become acknowledged with terminology and sentence structure of the scientific literature in foreign languages already at secondary school. At university they will not feel limited looking only for books translated into their native language. And what more, in future communication with specialists abroad will become much easier for them.

Subject teachers are motivated to improve their knowledge of modern languages not only in their collaboration with students but also due to the opportunity of teacher exchanges abroad. And at last, participating in the common project work, sharing methodology and meeting foreign guests makes the contacts between the subject departments of our school more intensive.

Project activities in class and outside class

Foreign languages occasionally used in different subjects with various methodology:
Biology / Physics / Geography / Art / Music / Maths / Social Science / Czech Language & Literature

  "The Best Translation from English into Czech"  
  30 April 2004 - Competition in translating a given text from English into Czech  

  Mathematics Competition in English  
  29 January 2004 - Competition in Mathematics based on the material in English used in the national rounds of ASHME in the USA  

The Fair of Fictive Firms - April 2004

15 April 2004 - "The Fair of Fictive Firms" prepared by students of the second classes, with posters and advertisements also in foreign languages   

Science Project in English
December 2002 - Presentation of a Science topic in English by the students of the first classes

One-week individual teacher exchanges in the partner schools
        Schedule of exchanges

Teachers from the project partner schools in Udine and Treviso, Italy, visiting and teaching at GJN, 22 - 26 March 2004
Mr. Alfonso Raspi, Mr. Andrea Carturan, Ms. Renata Moretti
Teachers from the project partner schools in Italy and Spain visiting Prague during the project meeting and teacher exchanges, 2002/3
Marina Federici, Patrizia Casoni, Maria G. del Fabro, Francisc Ibanez, Maria A. Hernandez, Dolors Pasto, Gloria Manau